9 Battery Powered Spierings eLift for Schot Verticaal Transport

Already at the Bauma in 2019, where Spierings presented the first concept model of the new eLift driveline, Schot was the first to customer who have chosen for this innovative system. At the end of 2020, the first SK1265-AT6 eLift was delivered to Schot.

Roel van der Heide, Managing Director of Schot Verticaal Transport: ‘At the Bauma fair in Munich in 2019, we saw this new innovation in emission-free lifting for the first time. We were immediately enthusiastic and ordered the first zero-emission eLift crane directly. In the meantime, emission-free construction has become even more important and we expect that the demand will only increase in the future. The possibility to use the crane electrically from a small 16A connection makes it possible to work emission-free at almost any construction site.

Schot Verticaal Transport is part of the Schot Group. The Schot Group was founded in 1931 by Gijs Schot SR. at the Herenweg in Oudorp. Started as a small-scale family business for transporting sand, the Schot Groep has now grown into a wide operating company with more than 450 employees spread over seven operating companies, which are active in construction, conditioned transport, ICT and security.

Spierings has already delivered more than 100 eLift cranes in the Netherlands and abroad. In several countries the government is promoting the zero-emission equipment by giving crane rental companies a nice extra support by offering a tax advantages.