Spierings delivered its first Zero-emission eLift cranes

During the last few weeks of 2020, Spierings Mobile Cranes B.V. has been counting down towards the delivery of their first electric eLift Crane. An Innovation that has required 1.5 years of hard work. With this innovation Spierings has delivered the largest electric mobile crane in the world that can work on a 16 Amp socket with zero emissions. A 72 ton heavy crane, 66 meter high with a lift capacity of 10.000kg is able to work on the electrical outlet that could also be used for electric cooking.

Due to the integrated battery pack, peaks in energy consumption can be mediated. When the crane is not being operated for mere seconds, the hydraulic pumps will shut off reducing the energy consumption. Meanwhile the battery remains charging making it possible to operate on only a low power grid-connection most often found on construction sites. In the case no grid connection is available at all, the crane can also work in a hybrid mode where a small 3 cylinder stage 5 diesel engine together with the battery pack will supply the crane with the required power.

This latest innovation is available on the Sk597-AT4 and SK1265-AT6. Zero-Emission eLift is the model name for these new electrical cranes.

Spierings sees a growing demand both inland as abroad. In Scandinavia our customers are asking for electric cranes much longer. Many cranes constructed before 2003 have already been exported to Scandinavia. These cranes are not equipped with a separate crane engine en could also run full electric. Although these cranes needed a heavy grid connection that often was not available on construction sites.

Now we have a crane that can work on a grid connection of only 16 Amps which can be found anywhere making it actually usable. No more dragging with heavy power cables over the construction site. The operator will choose the current he requires to extract from the grid connection within the range of 11 – 32 Amp. When there are many other electrical consumers plugged-in the operator can choose for a lower current while, due to the batteries, the crane will still be able to work at 100% capacity.

Roel van der Heide. General Manager of Schot Verticaal Transport stated: “On the Bauma Exhibition in München of 2019 Spierings presented for the first time this new innovation in a concept model. We where directly enthusiastic and have directly ordered the first machine. Meanwhile zero emission construction has become even more important and we expect a high demand for this crane. The possibility to use this crane from 11 Amp makes it possible to work on virtually any construction site without emissions. In 2021 we can add another 2 new eLift models to our fleet”.

Harry Pater, Director/Owner of Pater Kraanverhuur B.V. with hubs in ‘t Harde, Amersfoort and Almere; “We have the first SK597-AT4 eLift of Spierings in our fleet with which we have made the first step towards the zero emission construction site of tomorrow. With the SK597-AT4 the Spierings cranes already couldn’t be ignored on the Dutch construction sites. The fact that they can now do their jobs emission free and virtually silent is another argument to choose for these cranes. We have seen a growing demand from our contractors to think together with them on the reduction of NOx en CO2 emissions. These new eLift models are the answer to this request. We are very happy with the new electrical crane that will make an excellent contribution to our futures and our children’s”

Koos Spierings, CEO of Spierings Mobile Cranes B.V; “We have been able to develop the eLift models due to the City Boy. Lots of knowledge on hybrid technology and software was already present within our company making us able to act fast. I am very proud of all the people in our company that have realized this innovation in such a sort period of time. I think we have added an important advantage to our crane concept. Together with the SK487-AT3 City Boy, Spierings is now offering 3 models that can work free of emissions. With this, Spierings is currently leading in the crane market. Meanwhile already more than 45 eLift cranes have been sold. In 2021 virtually every crane that leaves the factory in Oss will be electric.”