“Sarens expands its Spierings eLift fleet to 8 units”
Oss, June 2024 – Sarens, global leader and reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport, has ordered two more battery-powered Spierings eLift self-erecting mobile tower cranes. The new machines will increase the Sarens eLift fleet to eight units. The new order includes a SK597-AT4 eLift and a SK1265-AT6 eLift. The eLift system allows the crane to plug into a 16- or 32-Amp connection. The investment is a key part of Sarens’ program to reduce their carbon footprint and operate more sustainably. Sarens, a company founded in the 50s, has a strong focus today on sustainability. Jan L. Sarens, Group Equipment Trade Director and Board Member stated: “We’re working with the battery-powered eLift cranes of Spierings for 2,5 years now. Spierings’ eLift concept has convinced us for its functionality and green qualities. We have eLift cranes in our fleet which run 63% of the time on electricity and 37% on hybrid mode. With these percentages, we’re reducing fuel consumption by 90% compared to a conventional mobile tower crane. We’re still experiencing a growing demand for the mobile tower cranes and our clients are getting more used to the concept.”

Jeroen Kerkhoff, Sales engineer of Spierings said: “We’re very honored to deliver another two battery-powered eLift cranes to Sarens. We are the only crane supplier which provides a fully mobile battery-powered solution with our eLift cranes. The total fleet of all Spierings eLift cranes has an average of 40% electric operating hours. This proves the applicability and success in the field of our eLift concept. Additionally, when there is no electric grid connection available, you still save up to 70% fuel usage while operating in hybrid mode.”
The eLift system allows the crane to plug into a 16- or 32-Amp mains outlet with the power passing through a Lithium-ion battery ‘PowerPack’ which absorbs the peaks in energy draw down, allowing a connection to a regular outlet without affecting performance. When the power draw is low, the battery pack is recharged. The crane is also equipped with a small diesel engine which can generate electrical power when a mains outlet is not available.
The SK597-AT4 eLift is the latest generation of the Spierings tower crane with a maximum capacity of seven tonnes, a 48-metre jib, and a more compact chassis. The maximum lifting height is 58,1m with the jib luffed to 45 degrees, or 28m with the jib in a horizontal position. This will be the fifth four-axle Spierings in the Sarens fleet. The SK1265-AT6 eLift has a 10T maximum capacity which it can handle at a radius of more than 13,. Its 60.m jib has a 1.700kg jib tip capacity at a 37m horizontal jib height.

Oss June 2024- Spierings Mobile Cranes welcomes a new Commercial Director
Spierings Mobile Cranes is pleased to introduce Herald Wattenberg as the new Commercial Director. Herald brings extensive international experience in machinery and metal, making him a valuable addition to the Spierings team.
A strategic move for future growthKoos Spierings, CEO of Spierings Mobile Cranes, expressed his confidence in Herald’s capabilities: “We are ready for this next step towards the future with Herald’s extensive international experience in machinery and metal. I am convinced that he is the right person to further position Spierings in Europe and beyond.”
Herald Wattenberg joins Spierings after an impressive 18-year tenure in various management positions within the Dieseko Group, where he worked in both Europe and the U.S.A. Most recently, he was working as Strategic Director at Meever in Meerkerk for 1.5 years.
A vision for international expansionWith the arrival of Herald Wattenberg, Koos Spierings will fully focus on his role as CEO, entrusting the commercial aspects of the business to Herald.
Herald Wattenberg will work closely with the sales and marketing team to further increase Spierings’ international presence. His aim is to use his extensive experience and network to further develop Spierings Mobile Cranes in the global market.

Sassenheim, September 2023 – 20 years ago, Verschoor from Sassenheim purchased the very first SK1265-AT6. Last week, the 350th crane of this type was delivered once again to Verschoor.
A wonderful milestone for both companies. The years of pleasant collaboration highlight the special bond that these two family-owned businesses share.
Maarten Verschoor, a true Spierings ambassador, played a role in the Spierings’ success abroad, particularly in Asia. In 2013, Verschoor delivered the first Spierings crane in South Korea. Today, an impressive fleet of Spierings cranes stands in South Korea. Spierings is grateful to Maarten Verschoor and all the employees for their dedication and hard work. Without them, this success would not have grown into what it is today. Maarten Verschoor said, “It’s always the challenge that makes it special to introduce the concept in other continents.”

To celebrate this special collaboration, Spierings organized a barbecue in Sassenheim last week. Employees from both companies attended the event, and the Spierings flag was raised on the cooperation of many years.

Over the past 20 years, this type of crane has undergone significant improvements. The most significant one dates back to 2019 when Spierings took a substantial step towards sustainability by enabling electric lifting. All models, including the SK1265-AT6 eLift, are equipped with a hybrid upper engine with PowerPack technology, allowing for 100% emission-free lifting.

About SK1265-AT6 eLift ‘Mighty Tiny’
The 6-axle Spierings SK1265-AT6 eLift is the world’s largest mobile tower crane and can operate 100% emission-free. But why does the market refer t the crane as the Mighty Tiny? “The crane is named after my wife, Tiny,” Leo Spierings says. “When she passed away, I wanted to honor her with a crane. It had to be unique and groundbreaking, delivering performance that people couldn’t imagine. A fifth extending jib section allows for a reach of 60 meters. An unparalleled crane, just as Tiny was an unparalleled woman.”

About Spierings Mobile Cranes
Spierings Mobile Cranes is a market leader in mobile tower cranes. The cranes from the Oss-based company are used in more than 30 countries, primarily by crane rental and construction companies. The cranes are fully developed and produced in the Netherlands. In 2022, Spierings Mobile Cranes achieved a turnover of approximately 100 million euros.

OSS – Spierings Mobile Cranes has welcomed two new colleagues to its sales team, Mark Oudshoorn and Ralph Disveld.
Mark Oudshoorn is responsible as a Sales Engineer for a part of the Dutch market and the United Kingdom since mid-January. Mark represents North Brabant, Limburg, North Holland and part of Gelderland in the Netherlands.
He was previously an Area Manager at Jean Heybroek for the past 4.5 years, responsible for the sales of cleaning machines. Before Jean Heybroek he worked in the sales team at ITS Hendrion.
As of February 1st, Ralph Disveld has joined the Spierings sales team, responsible for the provinces of Zeeland, South Holland, Utrecht, and part of Gelderland in the Netherlands, as well as Ireland and Italy. Ralph speaks Italian and will do his best to put Spierings on the map in Italy. Ralph has worked at Nooteboom Trailers for the past 6 years, starting as Export Sales Manager and later working as Area Sales Manager North Netherlands and Italy.
Business Development Engineer Mathieu Braamhaar has been responsible for North-east Netherlands since the summer of 2021. Mathieu has been working at Spierings for a long time and has been responsible for North Germany, Switzerland and new areas for the past 9 years.
The first Spierings cranes have also found their way to Spain since 2021, Sales Engineer Rafael Morales is responsible for sales in Spain since October 2021.
Spierings is pleased with this expansion to its team. The entire electric product range of Spierings is ready for the future along with the 8 Sales Engineers in its sales team. They are responsible for the entire sales scope both domestically and internationally.
We wish our new colleagues much success! Lift to the max.

Already at the Bauma in 2019, where Spierings presented the first concept model of the new eLift driveline, Schot was the first to customer who have chosen for this innovative system. At the end of 2020, the first SK1265-AT6 eLift was delivered to Schot.
Roel van der Heide, Managing Director of Schot Verticaal Transport: ‘At the Bauma fair in Munich in 2019, we saw this new innovation in emission-free lifting for the first time. We were immediately enthusiastic and ordered the first zero-emission eLift crane directly. In the meantime, emission-free construction has become even more important and we expect that the demand will only increase in the future. The possibility to use the crane electrically from a small 16A connection makes it possible to work emission-free at almost any construction site.
Schot Verticaal Transport is part of the Schot Group. The Schot Group was founded in 1931 by Gijs Schot SR. at the Herenweg in Oudorp. Started as a small-scale family business for transporting sand, the Schot Groep has now grown into a wide operating company with more than 450 employees spread over seven operating companies, which are active in construction, conditioned transport, ICT and security.
Spierings has already delivered more than 100 eLift cranes in the Netherlands and abroad. In several countries the government is promoting the zero-emission equipment by giving crane rental companies a nice extra support by offering a tax advantages.

The company van Grinsven has recently received its fourth new eLift mobile tower crane from Spierings. In the past 6 months, Van Grinsven has replaced their relatively young cranes for four hybrid eLift models that can lift fully electric.
Director Marco van Grinsven; “It was last year during the first Covid period that I went to Spierings in Oss to look at the development of the hybrid solution that they recently introduced to the market. Actually in the first term, my visit was not even for the purchase of new Spierings cranes, but I wanted to see if the concept could also be used for loader cranes. I was immediately convinced about the concept and the possibilities for the future. A battery in combination with either a small construction power connection of 16 to 32 amps or a very small diesel engine in combination with a battery. After the visit in Oss I was so enthusiastic and convinced of this concept that two weeks later I exchanged a part of our young mobile crane park for 4 new eLift cranes with battery.”
“With this investment, we are ready for the future and can serve our customers through this latest technology.” Marco van Grinsven
Marco van Grinsven says he is still surprised that most manufacturers have waited such a long time with electrification. “There is still a very limited supply of these machines while it is certainly possible, Spierings has already proven that.”
Koos Spierings, CEO of Spierings Mobile Cranes; “We are very pleased to deliver three new 4-axles and a new 6-axled crane to van Grinsven Kraanverhuur. This makes them the first Dutch crane rental company with four of these hybrid machines in their fleet. The used machines, which were relatively young, that van Grinsven has traded in have all found a destination elsewhere in Europe.
At this moment we have delivered more than 60 eLift cranes and almost our entire order portfolio consists of this type of cranes. It indicates that we have made the right choice in 2019 with the development of the eLift concept. The technology, which is largely the result of our City Boy concept, has been gratefully applied here.
We see that the eLift cranes run electrically up to 90% of the time. This is only possible through the use of the battery, which we apply so that the construction current connection is loaded as continuously and as low as possible.”
From left to rights: Leo Spierings, Anita van Grinsven, Marco van Grinsven, Koos Spierings

The Dutch company Jos Blom Kraanverhuur B.V. from Alkmaar has placed an order for 3 new Spierings cranes. Two new SK597-AT4 eLift cranes and one SK487-AT3 eDrive, better known as the City Boy. Blom will take these cranes into operation in 2021, 2022 and 2023. With this order, Blom is responding to the increasing demand for cranes that allow emission-free working.
Richard Blom: “The Spierings cranes from the early 2000s were already able to work electrically, but this required an electricity connection of 63 amps. With the eLift cranes we buy now, we can work a whole day with only 10 amps, which makes electric lifting a lot more accessible. Spierings has chosen to build in a battery pack that serves as a buffer to make this possible. With the City Boy that we will add to our fleet in 2023, we will also make it possible to drive emission-free into- and out of the city. The SK597-AT4 eLift is a compact crane with a lot of boom length, which we can use in a wide range of applications.
Maarten van Brink (Sales Engineer at Spierings Mobile Cranes); “We are very pleased that Blom again expresses their confidence in Spierings with this order. Blom has 20 cranes from Spierings and is a great ambassador for our brand. We have seen the demand for our eLift models increase enormously over the last six months. The cranes with only a conventional diesel engine are making way for the eLift cranes. With more and more users of electricity on a construction site, a crane must also use this energy economically. Thanks to the built-in battery, we no longer draw power peaks from the grid, thus avoiding the inconvenience of tripping fuses. By now, more than 30 eLift cranes have been delivered in the Netherlands and abroad. The Dutch government gives our customers a nice extra helping hand with the MIA/Vamil scheme on these cranes.”