Oss, September 2023 – Bob Bruijsten, director and owner of family-owned Kuiphuis from Oldenzaal is investing in two new SK2400-R eLift crawler cranes from Spierings. The first new crane of this model will be delivered to Kuiphuis in the first half of 2024. With this, Kuiphuis is once again stepping up the sustainability of there crane fleet.
Within Kuiphuis, five eLift cranes have already been added to the fleet in recent years to meet the demand for electric construction equipment. Bob Bruijsten: “We may be moving faster than construction companies at the moment, we find that construction companies are still getting used to the fact that with electric cranes of this size we can already run on construction with a 16 amp connection.”
In addition, Bob Bruijsten sees it as everyone’s responsibility to make the maximum effort to save emissions.” If we already look at how many hours we run emission-free every week, that just makes me proud. In addition, both new machines are much needed, we have requests from all over the country for the eLift system, specifically for the SK2400-R capabilities.”
Kuiphuis has a fleet of more than 40 Spierings cranes including several crawler cranes. Kuiphuis notices that the demand for these types of cranes is increasing. The loads are getting heavier and more and more elements are supplied prefabricated, which as a crane rental company you have to respond to.
Mathieu Braamhaar, Sales Engineer at Spierings Mobile Cranes BV; “Kuiphuis is a wonderful family business which invests in the future, the fact that they are now the first to operate with our new SK2400-R eLift is a great milestone. The SK2400-R eLift is a further development of the SK2400-R which we have been producing for some time. However, the new crane has multiple configurations for lifting. With one transport you already have a lifting capacity of 2800 kg at 42 meters. This has made the crane multifunctional.”
About SK2400-R eLiftThe SK2400-R eLift is the strongest mobile tower crane ever built. This powerful crane is built on a crawler undercarriage, so it can be quickly erected and moved around the construction site.The crane has a jib length of 42 meters or 50 meters, lifting up to 5.5 tons or 2.5 tons at the tip. In addition, the crane hoists a maximum of 18 tons at 14.6 meters radius. 
About Spierings Mobile CranesSpierings Mobile Cranes is a market leader in the field of mobile tower cranes. The cranes of the Oss-based company are used in more than 30 countries, mainly by crane rental and construction companies. The cranes are fully developed and produced in the Netherlands. Spierings Mobile Cranes will realize a turnover of approximately 100 million euros in 2022.
About KuiphuisKuiphuis Kraanverhuur is a family business that has existed for more than 115 years, with more than 100 employees and 1700 regular customers. The crane rental business started in Oldenzaal, but now has branches throughout the eastern, northern and central Netherlands. For the German market, the company has a branch across the border in Bad Bentheim. The mobile telescopic cranes range from 40 tons to 250 tons and the mobile tower cranes from 33 meters to 60 meters. In addition, the company operates several crawler tower cranes (from 25 meters to 50 meters).

Oss, 02. March 2023
Osse crane manufacturer opts for all-electric hoisting
Spierings Mobile Cranes discontinues conventional diesel cranes
Spierings Mobile Cranes has decided to stop building and selling conventional diesel cranes. From now on, the Osse crane manufacturer will only produce sustainable hybrid models. This makes Spierings the first company in the world to exclusively build cranes that hoist entirely electrically. In addition, the latest model the SK487-AT3 City Boy can also run fully electric, this allows a complete reduction of local emissions. This electric crane enables emission-free work in any city.
The reason for the choice is the strong growth in hybrid cranes and the drive to do the most for people, nature and the environment. ‘The electrification of the construction site can only succeed if the manufacturer leads the way,’ says CEO Koos Spierings. ‘Our domestic customers already realise that this is the future. For our foreign customers, it will take some adjustment, but we are sure they will soon see the benefits of this decision as well. Eventually, conventional diesel cranes will die out.’
Lithium-ion batteries
Spierings Mobile Cranes’ hybrid tower cranes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. This makes them suitable for emission-free operation at any construction site. For emergencies, the crane is equipped with a small 3-cylinder Stage V diesel engine. To date, Spierings Mobile Cranes has already delivered more than 150 electric cranes, better known as eLift.
Innovation and sustainability
The benefits of emission-free operation are obvious, Spierings states. ‘No CO2 emissions, no noise pollution, but undiminished power. And if the operator nevertheless needs to make use of the small diesel engine? Then fuel consumption is still very low. This demonstrates that good entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.’
Spierings Mobile Cranes continues to develop the hybrid technology. Thus, all current cranes can operate emission-free, powered by a 16 A construction site power connection. Spierings is also the only manufacturer to supply cranes with a 33 kWh lithium-ion battery pack straight from the factory.
About Spierings Mobile Cranes
Spierings Mobile Cranes is the market leader in mobile tower cranes. The Osse-based company’s cranes are used in more than 30 countries, mainly by crane rental and construction companies. The cranes are developed and manufactured entirely in the Netherlands. Spierings Mobile Cranes will achieve a turnover of around 100 million euros in 2022.
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