Bart van Herpen appointed CFO of Spierings Mobile Cranes

Bart van Herpen appointed CFO of Spierings Mobile Cranes

As of August 1st. Bart van Herpen has joined the management of Spierings Mobile Cranes. Bart has been active within Spierings Mobile Cranes for 6 years, of which the last years in the role of Finance Manager. In the period before that, he gained a lot of experience in the industry, the product and various business processes.

With this step, Spierings complements its management, which also consists of Koos Spierings (CEO), Cindy van Vugt (CHRO), Camiel Both (CTO) and Gijs Delissen (COO).

Koos Spierings: “I am pleased with this addition to our management team, Bart has developed very quickly within our organization in recent years. In 2019 I already asked him if he would like to take up this position within our company and then we started a development process. This year the time was right and we put our money where our mouth is and Bart van

Herpen officially appointed CFO of Spierings Mobile Cranes.”

Bart is very much looking forward to his new role: “Spierings is a wonderful company to work for, a huge progressive family business with committed people, where we work on a cool, innovative product. We have big ambitions for the future and I am therefore extremely driven to use my knowledge and experience to achieve these ambitions together with all colleagues.”

Spierings Mobile Cranes develops, builds and maintains mobile tower cranes of its own brand Spierings. Spierings is located in Oss, where about 350 people currently work. In 2020 Spierings was still in the news with the introduction of the very first hybrid mobile crane in the world, and now all new mobile tower cranes from Spierings can be lifted electrically. With a well-filled order book, we enter 2022.

Photo from left to right Bart van Herpen, Koos Spierings, Cindy van Vugt, Gijs Delissen, Camiel Both