Mighty Tiny

The six-axle Spierings SK1265-AT6 is the largest mobile tower crane in the world and has already been constructed more than 250 times. The powerful engine, high-performance pneumatic brake system and excellent overview increase safety on construction sites and public roads. The SK1265-AT6 is the first Spierings crane with a fifth extendible jib section, which, combined with the four other jib sections, delivers an unrivalled radius of 60 meters. 

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  • Maximum load10,000 kg (up to 13.2 m)
  • Tip load1700 kg
  • Maximum radius60 m
  • Lifting height35 m
  • Tower height37.2 m
  • Maximum lifting height64.2 m (30° luffed jib)
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Extendible jib technology

In mobile tower cranes, the radius of the crane is often one of the essential factors. Spierings developed the extendible jib technology to increase the radius even further. This new development was first used on the SK1265-AT6 crane, achieving a radius of 60 meters with a 1.7-ton maximum tip load. The extendible jib delivers an extra eight metres of jib length. The jib itself becomes wider after it is extended, making the width of the extendible jib the same as that of the existing jib section. This technology has also been implemented on the SK2400-AT7 and SK2400-R models. A modified version of the extendible jib has also been used on the SK597-AT4 and SK487-AT3 cranes. With this type of crane, an extra four metres of jib length is obtained. Furthermore, the transition between the jibs is seamless due to the two carbon sections that rotate at the same time the jib is being interlocked and adopt the same dimensions as the rest of the jib. These cranes also achieve a maximum tip load of 1.7 tons.

Steel pads with auxiliary crane

Spierings developed its steel support pads with an auxiliary crane to guarantee maximum safety and the “one-man” concept. The operator can position the pads quickly and simply by using an auxiliary crane. Once the crane’s outriggers have been positioned and the tower has been raised, the operator can use the auxiliary crane to position the steels pads at the outrigger feet. The steel pads are carried on the truck’s rear box, so no additional transport or manpower is required. The pads are made from high-quality steel, which makes them very tough and yet lightweight. The pads are galvanised as standard.

Hydraulic crane movements

All crane movement commands are hydraulically proportional. This makes it easy to operate the crane and delivers maximum precision and efficiency. Numerous refinements mean that the design is of an exceptionally high quality and the crane offers unrivalled control and fine-tuned accuracy, allowing precise, rapid movements. The upper engine drives three hydraulic pumps for crane operations, with no interference from any inefficient components.

The benefits

Upper engine

With the newest emission regulations Spierings still chooses for two engines. The Stage 5 four Cylinder diesel engine (constant rpm) is mounted in the super structure. The engine and the hydraulic pumps are mounted in a high quality sound reducing cover.


De Spierings kraan is voorzien van een compleet nieuw interieur. De nieuwe cabine is ergonomisch en biedt de bestuurder optimale comfort. De bestuurdersstoel is voorzien van luchtvering, airconditioning, trucknavigatie, Bluetooth car kit en verwarmde en verstelbare spiegels zijn standaard.

One job, one man

One crane driver can easily set up the crane and operate it. No extra ballast or jib parts are needed, a Spierings crane only needs one operator.


Speciaal ontwikkeld chassis voor optimale torsie stijfheid. Dankzij deze speciale constructie kan de maximale hijscapaciteit bereikt worden met minimale ballast, extra ballastdelen zijn dus overbodig.

Hydraulic motions

All crane movement commands are hydraulically proportional. This makes it easy to operate the crane and delivers maximum precision and efficiency.

Steel pads

If required, the crane can be fitted with four steel pads mounted at the rear of the truck, plus an auxiliary crane for positioning these steel pads.

Setup in 11 minutes

Spierings cranes are fully assembled and ready for use within a maximum of 11 minutes, depending on the type of crane.

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