SK2400-R eLift

The strongest mobile tower crane ever built!

The SK2400-R is the strongest mobile tower crane ever built. This powerful crane is built on a crawler frame that provides rapid mobility around the construction site when fully assembled.

The crane has a jib length of 42 metres with a tip load of no less than 5.5 tons. It can lift a maximum of 18 tons at a radius of up to 14.6 metres. The crane is transported on just two trailers: one trailer carrying the ballast and crawler parts and the other carrying the actual crane. The SK2400-R can pick up its own ballast and crawler parts, so no additional crane is needed. Once it has arrived on site, it can be assembled and fully operational within one hour.

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  • SK2400-R 42 metres
  • Lifting capacity263 tm
  • Maximum load18,000 kg (up to 14.6 m)
  • Tip load5500 kg
  • Maximale radius42 m (optionally 50 m)
  • Lifting height37.3 m
  • Maximum lifting height56 m (30° luffed jib and 42 metre jib)
  • SK2400-R 50 metres
  • Lifting capacity149 tm
  • Maximum load9,000 kg (up to 16.5 m)
  • Tip load2500 kg at 50 m
  • Maximum radius50 m
  • Lifting height35.5 m
  • Tower height37.7 m
  • Maximum lifting height61.1 m (30° luffed jib and 50 metre jib)
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The benefits

Steel pads

Electric crane operation

Strongest mobile crane

Setup in 60 minutes

Hydraulic motions

Efficient transport

Autonomous erection


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