SK487-AT3 eDrive

City Boy

The SK487-AT3 eDrive is the most compact crane in the Spierings product range. The compact design with a width of just 2.55 metres and a total length of just 13.08 metres means that the truck is easy to manoeuvre. This crane comes into its own in urban environments, with a truck footprint of less than 10 metres. The maximum outrigger support base is 7250 x 7200 mm.

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  • Maximal load7000 kg (up to 11.96 m)
  • Tip load1700 kg
  • Maximum radius40 m
  • Lifting height30 m
  • Maximum lifting height55.45 m (45° luffed jib)
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The benefits

Maneuvering by remote control

All axles steered

100% Electric hoisting

Fully electric driving mode

Increased Outrigger System

Hydraulic motions

3 in 1 cabin



Drive train & power supply

The truck is powered by an electric synchronous motor that drives the first and third axles. The power supply comes from the battery pack or directly from the diesel generator. There is also a hybrid propulsion option, where both energy sources are used. When the truck is braked, the energy released is recovered in the battery. Whether the crane is travelling or in operation, its energy supply can come from three different sources:

Fully electrical (battery)
Hybrid (combination of generator and battery)

3 in 1 Cabin

The SK487-AT3 is the first mobile tower crane to be fitted with a single cabin. The cabin functions as a truck cabin, lift cabin and crane cabin all in one. In crane mode, the cabin can be moved to any desired height, always solidly connected to the crane, so the operator maintains full feeling and control over the crane at all times. The cabin is very spacious, with a large window area to optimise not only visibility and comfort but also safety. The cabin’s internal dimensions are 970 x 1670 x 3130.

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