“New Sales Engineers in the Spierings Mobile Cranes team”

OSS – Spierings Mobile Cranes has welcomed two new colleagues to its sales team, Mark Oudshoorn and Ralph Disveld.

Mark Oudshoorn is responsible as a Sales Engineer for a part of the Dutch market and the United Kingdom since mid-January. Mark represents North Brabant, Limburg, North Holland and part of Gelderland in the Netherlands.

He was previously an Area Manager at Jean Heybroek for the past 4.5 years, responsible for the sales of cleaning machines. Before Jean Heybroek he worked in the sales team at ITS Hendrion.

As of February 1st, Ralph Disveld has joined the Spierings sales team, responsible for the provinces of Zeeland, South Holland, Utrecht, and part of Gelderland in the Netherlands, as well as Ireland and Italy. Ralph speaks Italian and will do his best to put Spierings on the map in Italy. Ralph has worked at Nooteboom Trailers for the past 6 years, starting as Export Sales Manager and later working as Area Sales Manager North Netherlands and Italy.

Business Development Engineer Mathieu Braamhaar has been responsible for North-east Netherlands since the summer of 2021. Mathieu has been working at Spierings for a long time and has been responsible for North Germany, Switzerland and new areas for the past 9 years.

The first Spierings cranes have also found their way to Spain since 2021, Sales Engineer Rafael Morales is responsible for sales in Spain since October 2021.

Spierings is pleased with this expansion to its team. The entire electric product range of Spierings is ready for the future along with the 8 Sales Engineers in its sales team. They are responsible for the entire sales scope both domestically and internationally.

We wish our new colleagues much success! Lift to the max.