Overhaul activities

Cranes that have been in operation for many hours will require a thorough ‘facelift’. Rotating parts such as axles, hubs, wheel bearings, reduction gears, pumps and the transmission are all subject to wear and tear,  but cylinder seals, hydraulic lines and hoses also have to be replaced over time. 

The overhaul department performs a wide range of activities and uses state-of-the-art technology to restore cranes back to full working order. From overhauling the engine to respraying the jib and/or tower, everything is performed by our specialists in our workshop in Oss. The end goal is to ensure that the crane can continue to be operated for a long time whilst looking perfect. In addition to complete overhauls we also offer partial overhauls,

as well as upgrades to existing models, which meet current requirements with regard to comfort and appearance.

Overhaul activities for loose components

Our overhaul department also gives used parts a new life as replacement parts, generating a sustainable, cost-cutting solution and ensuring that components from previous generations are still available.

If you need replacement parts, please contact our international Parts Desk.


Has one of your cranes been damaged? Our overhaul department will repair the damage for you and take care of the process from start to finish.

The process starts with an inspection of the damaged crane, followed by a report providing an overview of costs; the crane is repaired only once you have agreed to the work being proposed. When your crane is delivered, it undergoes an Aboma inspection.

Used cranes

Spierings offers a wide range of used cranes — click here to navigate to our used cranes overview.

Once a crane is returned to Oss, it is transferred to the overhaul department. Here it is restored to such an extent that it can once again be used by one of our customers as a fully functioning crane. It is also possible to add optional extras to the existing crane, such as new paint, an air-conditioning unit in the cab and more.

For further information, please contact our Sales department.