Van Grinsven invests in four zero-emission eLift cranes from Spierings.

The company van Grinsven has recently received its fourth new eLift mobile tower crane from Spierings. In the past 6 months, Van Grinsven has replaced their relatively young cranes for four hybrid eLift models that can lift fully electric.

Director Marco van Grinsven; “It was last year during the first Covid period that I went to Spierings in Oss to look at the development of the hybrid solution that they recently introduced to the market. Actually in the first term, my visit was not even for the purchase of new Spierings cranes, but I wanted to see if the concept could also be used for loader cranes. I was immediately convinced about the concept and the possibilities for the future. A battery in combination with either a small construction power connection of 16 to 32 amps or a very small diesel engine in combination with a battery. After the visit in Oss I was so enthusiastic and convinced of this concept that two weeks later I exchanged a part of our young mobile crane park for 4 new eLift cranes with battery.”

“With this investment, we are ready for the future and can serve our customers through this latest technology.” Marco van Grinsven

Marco van Grinsven says he is still surprised that most manufacturers have waited such a long time with electrification. “There is still a very limited supply of these machines while it is certainly possible, Spierings has already proven that.”

Koos Spierings, CEO of Spierings Mobile Cranes; “We are very pleased to deliver three new 4-axles and a new 6-axled crane to van Grinsven Kraanverhuur. This makes them the first Dutch crane rental company with four of these hybrid machines in their fleet. The used machines, which were relatively young, that van Grinsven has traded in have all found a destination elsewhere in Europe.

At this moment we have delivered more than 60 eLift cranes and almost our entire order portfolio consists of this type of cranes. It indicates that we have made the right choice in 2019 with the development of the eLift concept. The technology, which is largely the result of our City Boy concept, has been gratefully applied here.

We see that the eLift cranes run electrically up to 90% of the time. This is only possible through the use of the battery, which we apply so that the construction current connection is loaded as continuously and as low as possible.”

From left to rights: Leo Spierings, Anita van Grinsven, Marco van Grinsven, Koos Spierings