Spierings delivers the 250th SK1265-AT6 Mighty Tiny to the company Wiesbauer

On May 22, Spierings Mobile Cranes from Oss delivered its 250th 6-axle to the German customer Wiesbauer. Wiesbauer is one of the first Spierings customers in Germany. At that time Wiesbauer started with the SK477-AT4 and now they have a fleet of Spierings cranes and a new SK1265-AT6 Mighty Tiny.
A huge milestone for Spierings, it is now impossible to imagine the crane industry without the SK1265-AT6, with an unrivaled 60-meter flight, a capacity of 1700 kg on the tip and a maximum load of 10 tons, it is an all-rounder. The popular crane can be used in many different areas, both in construction and industry.

With a total weight of 72 tons, the crane carries all its ballast and jibs and thus achieves the maximum capacity. The Wiesbauer machine is equipped with the 10 ton axle load system of which the ballast can be removed so that the crane can drive with a 10 ton axle load and 60 tons in total. A much requested option in Germany making the crane even more versatile and more flexible to use.

Spierings has been producing the machine since 2003 and the crane dimensions or the concept have never really been changed. However, the crane has been further developed. It is made more user-friendly and the engines have been renewed. For example, the superstructure has recently been equipped with a new stage V engine and the undercarriage has been fitted with a new type Euro 6b. The gearbox is the latest type ZF TraXon.

Later this year, Spierings will introduce a hybrid drive system for the upper crane, which means that the SK1265-AT6 & SK597-AT4 can even do its job with a 32 amp grid connection. To make this possible, a 25 kWh lithium battery has been mounted to ensure a continuous low load on the grid while the crane can be used at full capacity and performance level.
Thomas Wiesbauer from Wiesbauer: “We are delighted with the 250th SK1265-AT6 from Spierings, it is a reliable crane that can no longer be ignored in our crane park. It is a great honor to have the 250th in our possession. Thanks to the ballast system, we are able to drive with a 60- and 72-ton license, which makes the crane even more flexible to use in the various German states. In the coming years we will see an even further shift from the lifting industry to the mobile tower cranes. Our customers are increasingly recognizing the benefits, that makes this new crane a welcome addition to our crane fleet. ”

Mathieu Braamhaar, sales engineer for Spierings in Germany: “We are delighted to be able to supply this new crane to Wiesbauer, the Wiesbauer family has been a customer from the very beginning. The operators at Wiesbauer are also very enthusiastic about our cranes, which makes us extra proud. The operator is the most important link in the success, he or she must be on the road with our cranes every day. ”

In 2001 Tiny Spierings died at the age of 47. Together with Leo Spierings they are the founders of Spierings Mobile Cranes in 1987. The Mighty Tiny is a tribute to Tiny, a name that every SK1265-AT6 leaving the factory in Oss proudly wears.