Since the 1st of December 2021, Bernd Merkle has been the new Sales Engineer for South German, Austrian and Hungarian customers at Spierings Mobile Cranes. With more than 15 years in the commercial vehicle industry, Bernd Merkle gained extensive professional experience as a product manager and area sales manager. In the course of his career, he has taken on responsible positions and projects. With Bernd Merkle, we were able to win an experienced sales employee for the sales team.
Mathieu Braamhaar has been responsible for the distribution of Spiering’s mobile tower cranes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary for eight years.

In the recent years, the number of Spiering’s mobile tower cranes in these countries has grown significantly. Spierings also sees opportunities in these markets in the future, and all cranes in the Spierings product range can be equipped the emission-free eLift system. In this way, Spierings shows that we are prepared for the future and the environmental wishes of governments. Spierings is therefore at the forefront of the development with both the eDrive and eLift concepts, which require only an 11-32 AMP grid connection to operate the crane on a construction site. In order to be able to work in the environmental zone of Stuttgart, Wiesbauer invests in these emission-free eLift cranes from Spierings.

Mathieu Braamhaar will stay responsible for Northern Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, Bernd Merkle for Southern Germany, Austria and Hungary. Mathieu Braamhaar will also open up other areas for Spierings cranes, in addition to his area of expertise, he will work as a Business Development Engineer.
Mathieu Braamhaar (Left) & Bernd Merkle (Right) are standing for the new SK597-AT4 eLift and SK1265-AT6 eLift both from our German customer Wiesbauer to work in the environmental zone of Stuttgart.

Bart van Herpen appointed CFO of Spierings Mobile Cranes
As of August 1st. Bart van Herpen has joined the management of Spierings Mobile Cranes. Bart has been active within Spierings Mobile Cranes for 6 years, of which the last years in the role of Finance Manager. In the period before that, he gained a lot of experience in the industry, the product and various business processes.
With this step, Spierings complements its management, which also consists of Koos Spierings (CEO), Cindy van Vugt (CHRO), Camiel Both (CTO) and Gijs Delissen (COO).
Koos Spierings: “I am pleased with this addition to our management team, Bart has developed very quickly within our organization in recent years. In 2019 I already asked him if he would like to take up this position within our company and then we started a development process. This year the time was right and we put our money where our mouth is and Bart van
Herpen officially appointed CFO of Spierings Mobile Cranes.”
Bart is very much looking forward to his new role: “Spierings is a wonderful company to work for, a huge progressive family business with committed people, where we work on a cool, innovative product. We have big ambitions for the future and I am therefore extremely driven to use my knowledge and experience to achieve these ambitions together with all colleagues.”
Spierings Mobile Cranes develops, builds and maintains mobile tower cranes of its own brand Spierings. Spierings is located in Oss, where about 350 people currently work. In 2020 Spierings was still in the news with the introduction of the very first hybrid mobile crane in the world, and now all new mobile tower cranes from Spierings can be lifted electrically. With a well-filled order book, we enter 2022.
Photo from left to right Bart van Herpen, Koos Spierings, Cindy van Vugt, Gijs Delissen, Camiel Both

This year’s JDL Expo was a very good edition. Mediaco has placed an order for three new Spierings cranes to expand their fleet of mobile tower cranes in France. Alexandre Vernazza – President of MEDIACO Group –  was convinced by the eLift concept. The concept allows the crane to work emission-free, a market with an increasing demand.
Two SK597-AT4 eLift cranes will be delivered during the first half of 2022. These cranes offer a maximum reach of 48m and up to 58m hook height, as well as a capacity of 7 Tons at 14m.
In early 2023 an SK1265-AT6 eLift crane will be delivered. The SK1265-AT6 also known as “Mighty Tiny”,  is the most powerful mobile tower crane on the market. With 60m of reach, which offers exceptional capacities of lifting of 10 Tons at 13.2m.
These three machines will be delivered with the eLift concept. This new innovation from Spierings makes it possible to use the crane in Zero-emission mode. Thanks to the “PowerPack® battery technology”, Spierings eLift cranes offer 100% lifting capacity with a simple grid connection of only 16AMP. They also work in Hybrid mode, thanks to a 3-cylinder 55Kw engine, Stage V, without Ad-Blue, and thus offering reduced fuel consumption.
“We have a important fleet of mobile tower cranes, with more than 40 units in France. I have been in contact with Spierings Mobile Cranes for several years, and I am seduced by the innovations it presents. This new zero-emission “eLift” lifting offer meets the ecologic engagement of the Mediaco group and also the needs of our customers who are increasingly attentive to CO2 reductions on their construction sites. The lifting capacities of these Spierings cranes are interesting and will complement our current lifting proposals ”affirms Mr. Alexandre Vernazza, president of the Mediaco Group.

Koos Spierings, CEO at Spierings Mobile Cranes confirms: “It is an honor for Spierings to offer the best of our cranes to the Mediaco Group. We are happy that our eLift models are delivered for the first time in France in the Mediaco group. These zero-emission models are a real success on the European market, in less than two years, they now represent almost all of our orders. The partnership agreement with the Mediaco Group confirms the investment in the presence of Spierings cranes on the French market “.

The mobile tower crane concept invented by Leo Spierings almost 35 years ago has become the foundator of the mobile crane industry. In this rapidly evolving market, Spierings Mobile Cranes offers an innovative solution that brings fast, powerful and efficient lifting proposals to construction sites.

The company Spierings is present in France and the commercial correspondent is David COLOMBAT – +33 (0) –
From left to right : Leo Spierings, Alexandre Vernazza, Koos Spierings, David Colombat