Sarens invests in Spierings Zero-emission eLift cranes

June 2021 – Wolvertem, Sarens has placed an order for the Spierings battery powered hybrid cranes. The order exist three SK1265-AT6 eLift cranes and one SK597-AT4 eLift. It’s an essential step forward in the future where environmental friendly lifting will be more and more important. Sarens experience an increasing demand for electrical lifting solutions from their customer base, the ‘Zero-emission eLift’ solution of Spierings connects seamlessly to this demand. The Spierings eLift cranes can work electric on full speed and capacity by connecting only a 16A grid connection, that could be found at almost all lifting locations.

Due to the integrated battery pack, peaks in energy consumption can be mediated. When the crane is not being operated for more seconds, the hydraulic pumps will shut off reducing the energy consumption. Meanwhile the battery remains charging making it possible to operate on only a low power grid-connection most often found on construction sites. In the case no grid connection is available at all, the crane can also work in a hybrid mode where a small 3 cylinder Stage 5 diesel engine without AdBlue together with the battery pack will supply the crane with the required power.

Spierings has developed the eLift cranes that can work on a grid connection from only 16 Amps which can be found anywhere making it actually usable. No more dragging with heavy power cables over the construction site. The operator will choose the current he requires to extract from the grid connection within the range of 1 – 32 Amp. When there are other electrical consumers plugged-in the operator can choose for a lower current while, due to the batteries, the crane will still be able to work at 100% capacity and speed.

Marc Sarens, Director and board member of Sarens NV: “The mobile tower cranes are more and more intergraded in our fleet. The Spierings cranes has efficient operational costs, while all ballast, jib parts and steel outrigger pads are always carried on the crane. The strong lifting capacities and the known benefits of a tower crane are more and more appreciated by our customers. The battery powered eLift solutions of Spierings perfectly suits in Sarens’ ambitions to offer our customers green lifting solutions.”

Jeroen Kerkhoff, Sales Engineer of Spierings Mobile Cranes B.V; “We’re very grateful to receive the order from Sarens for the Zero-emission eLift cranes. We’re fully confident we’ve developed the first usable electric solution for the daily taxi crane jobs. By using the supplied lightweight aluminum cable and only a 16A grid connection, this solution makes it really user friendly for all lifting locations.