Advanced training

(5 days)

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  • Price1295,-
  • Duration5 days
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The advanced training is aimed at technicians with a lot of experience with Spierings cranes. This training will cover all systems of Spierings cranes, both hydraulic and electrical systems. The subject matter will also be put into practice.

During this advanced training, the following subjects are discussed:

  • – Speed settings
  • – Pressure settings
  • – Technical principles
  • – Fault analysis
  • – Emergency control system
  • – Adjusting LMB switches and measuring axes
  • – The software protocol

Upon completion of this training, participants will know how to adjust crane settings safely and responsibly. They will also learn how to perform all crane movements, and all of the related details and sensors.

“In addition, a small part of the training can be tailored to your specific needs.”