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  • Price1295,-
  • Duration5 days
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If your technicians don’t have any experience in working with a Spierings crane yet… Then this training is perfect for them! During this training, the development of the Spierings cranes from 1987 to the present day will be discussed and participants will learn about the basic principles of our cranes.
The basics of using the emergency control system and the various manuals and diagrams will also be discussed in detail.

During this maintenance training, the following topics are covered:

  • – Assembly and disassembly
  • – Daily maintenance
  • – Technical principles
  • – Fault analysis
  • – Emergency control system
  • – Reading the diagrams

Participants will learn about the basic principles of assembling/disassembling, troubleshooting, and Spierings diagrams.

“In addition, a small part of the training can be tailored to your specific needs.”