“20 years of Mighty Tiny: delivery of the 350th SK1265-AT6’’

Sassenheim, September 2023 – 20 years ago, Verschoor from Sassenheim purchased the very first SK1265-AT6. Last week, the 350th crane of this type was delivered once again to Verschoor.

A wonderful milestone for both companies. The years of pleasant collaboration highlight the special bond that these two family-owned businesses share.


Maarten Verschoor, a true Spierings ambassador, played a role in the Spierings’ success abroad, particularly in Asia. In 2013, Verschoor delivered the first Spierings crane in South Korea. Today, an impressive fleet of Spierings cranes stands in South Korea. Spierings is grateful to Maarten Verschoor and all the employees for their dedication and hard work. Without them, this success would not have grown into what it is today. Maarten Verschoor said, “It’s always the challenge that makes it special to introduce the concept in other continents.”

To celebrate this special collaboration, Spierings organized a barbecue in Sassenheim last week. Employees from both companies attended the event, and the Spierings flag was raised on the cooperation of many years.


Over the past 20 years, this type of crane has undergone significant improvements. The most significant one dates back to 2019 when Spierings took a substantial step towards sustainability by enabling electric lifting. All models, including the SK1265-AT6 eLift, are equipped with a hybrid upper engine with PowerPack technology, allowing for 100% emission-free lifting.

About SK1265-AT6 eLift ‘Mighty Tiny’

The 6-axle Spierings SK1265-AT6 eLift is the world’s largest mobile tower crane and can operate 100% emission-free. But why does the market refer t the crane as the Mighty Tiny? “The crane is named after my wife, Tiny,” Leo Spierings says. “When she passed away, I wanted to honor her with a crane. It had to be unique and groundbreaking, delivering performance that people couldn’t imagine. A fifth extending jib section allows for a reach of 60 meters. An unparalleled crane, just as Tiny was an unparalleled woman.”

About Spierings Mobile Cranes

Spierings Mobile Cranes is a market leader in mobile tower cranes. The cranes from the Oss-based company are used in more than 30 countries, primarily by crane rental and construction companies. The cranes are fully developed and produced in the Netherlands. In 2022, Spierings Mobile Cranes achieved a turnover of approximately 100 million euros.